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RealRyder Cycling: 
Kansas City's first indoor cycling studio on "non-stationary" bikes!
The RealRyder® is one of the most effective uses of fitness time in terms of muscles worked and calories torched. Your abs will get tighter, your arms and shoulders will get stronger and more toned, and your legs will get stronger and leaner as well with consistent riding (and clean eating, of course!). The RealRyder® will improve your balance, heart strength, speed, agility and endurance. Make Urban Cycle, a.k.a  Inspired Fitness your weekly workout destination, and watch yourself become a lean, mean, cycling machine!
Indoor cycling efficiently combines strength and cardio training backed by science and driven by pulsing music to move you towards your body goals. Whether you're an avid outdoor cyclist or a weekend warrior, we have a cycling training session for you. Come on. Let us take you for a ride, Rhianna's a fan, see below...
Rhisanna lists RealRyder indoor spin bike as her top three workout sessions